Realize that everything connects to everything else. Leonardo da Vinci

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Our mission

Nowadays, the internet based virtual life is getting bigger emphasis, connects strongly to the real physical life in many ways. These two worlds can not be separated, in all, social, economical and other areas of our modern life.

Information and communication technology has transformed how we live and work to the point where the virtual online world and the services it offers has permeated all aspects of the 'real' world. Our aim at QARD™ is to safely link these real and virtual worlds by developing products and solutions that are built on a user-friendly bridging technology, using the most innovative cloud-based technology, to serve our customers' needs effectively and safely.

1 Tourist QARD™

Your traveling companion. Tourist card and navigation system, to enhance the revenues in the tourism industry. Prioritizing quality services and providers and promoting local attractions supporting both users and businesses.

2 City QARD™

Info-communication and service platform for cities, municipalities.


Info-communication platform to serve the education, eliminating the gap between the job market demand and professional tuition.

4 Sport QARD™

The hyper-modern tool for the best sport clubs. Entertaining and awarding fans with intelligent IC technology.

5 Loyality QARD™

Reward your partners, clients for their loyality, using our top-of-the-line IT system. Store credits, discounts, in multiple dimensions, totally reinvented.

About QARD™

QARD™ is an innovative, state of the art solution, that focuses on the modern end-user and the business needs of the service provider. Through its use of cutting-edge technology, QARD™ enhances the overall costumer experience while providing a sense of security. We kept all the pros of the classic card systems adding the achievements of the new technologies.



Innovative - one of a kind. Easy to use, safe technology for the best costumer experience.

Extra value

Extra value

Complex and relevant. Unique functionality. Personalized real-time location based information.



Software and hardware independent platform. Cloud based solution and service. Cost-effective system installation.



Real-time analytics and research. Unlimited, flexible card issuance. Modular system architecture.